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YAO Solutions develops/implements knowledge-driven sustainable solutions for business growth and development in an ever-evolving world.

YAO Solutions assist companies in all steps required to succeed in your international growth project: from gathering market intelligence, to developing strategic action plans, to preparing/structuring the company to succeed, to implementation. 

We find our inspiration in our clients’ business objectives and products to develop sustainable solutions adapted to their needs and industry.


The company uses a proven step by step approach for all of our services. The company's approach is inspired by a former Chinese Emperor that lived from 2356 to 2225 BCE. Yao is known for its leadership, and for the invention of the first year-round calendar, that led to a direct increase in farming productivity at the time. Yao is also famous for organizational innovations that resulted in greater societal effectiveness. In understanding your environment (i.e., industry), we help our clients develop strategies to obtain best results.  

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